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There are many different symbian operating system. These systems looks like similar but the settings are same all of them..This introduction for symbian s60..

1. Menu, Settings -> Connection

2. Wireless Connection

3. Click eduroam and click customize

4. Step by step:
connection name = eduroam
Data carrier= Wireless LAN
WLAN network name= eduroam
Network status= General
WLAN network mode = infrastructure
WLAN security mode = 802.1x

5.Click next WLAN security settings.

6.Choose WPA/WPA2 = EAP , EAP extension manager settings.

7. You must choose only EAP-TTLS activate.

8. Click EAP-TTLS settings and Click customize.

9. Step by Step;
Personal Sertificate = Unidentified
Access Sertificate = Unidentified
Used User Name = User 
User Name = NameSurname
User Security Domain Area= User definded
Security Domain Areaı = uludag.edu.tr

10.Swap left for netx setting page

11 Activate just PAP.

12. Click PAP and click customize

13.User name = e-mail user name (.....@kilis.edu.tr) ve Password = e-mail password and close.

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